Cannamea is a unique approach to facial skin care.
The main active ingredient is CBD + CBDA extract, i.e. a cannabidiol of a broad-spectrum of action, which is obtained from the organic hemp crops.
Cannabinoids present in Cannamea cosmetics interact with endocannabinoids occurring in our skin.
Thanks to this, CBD, like no other ingredient, has a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect, regulates sebum and helps to relieve itching and redness even in the deepest layers of the skin.
Additionally, the content of unref ined hemp oil and hemp flower hydrolate moisturizes and regenerates the demanding skin.

Feel the power of CBD on your skin.



Orders above 50 euro


Each cosmetic Cannamea is handmade in small batches. With attention to every detail, starting from production and ending with packaging.

Kanabidiol - CBD

Cannabidiol, obtained from the organic hemp crops. It eliminates inflammation, relieves pain, muscle tension, treats diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

THC free

Cannabis extracts used in cosmetics are deprived of psychoactive THC. They are 100% legal and safe.


We care about animal welfare, which is why most of our cosmetics are certified by the Viva foundation!

Natural ingredients

We use only organic and certified raw materials of plant origin.

Dermatologically tested

Each of our cosmetics is subjected to rigorous dermatological tests


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